Using AI as a Powerful Marketing Tool to Master Audio-Based Advertising


Over the past few years, the marketing industry has gone through significant changes, and the re-emergence of audio as a marketing tool is one of the most exciting developments. The surge of interest in podcasts and video streaming platforms make audio marketing an irresistible frontier for businesses, especially since the newest generation of consumers are almost exclusively on streaming/online services like Youtube, Tiktok, or Apple Podcasts. But how can businesses take advantage of these mediums? Do they require different strategies than the ‘traditional’ practices of text-based advertising? And is it really that promising? Here are several reasons why audio-based marketing is becoming a promising venture for businesses:

  • Many consumers typically listen to the same podcaster or watch the same youtuber, so if an advertiser knows their target audience’s favorite personality to watch/listen to, they can hone in their marketing to that particular segment.
  • Audio is a convenient and effective way to reach audiences engaged in other activities such as working out, cooking, or commuting. You can always assume that in some manner someone is listening to something, somewhere, doing something.
  • Video has become a major player as well, especially with the rise of Youtube. Video is often accompanied by audio, which also plays a major role in reaching out to target audiences.

But how to market to these groups efficiently while increasing revenue and profits? That’s where Audionaut comes in. We utilize an advanced AI system to sift through hundreds of hours of audio to create a comprehensive database. Our interactive platform allows for any user to quickly and easily formulate a marketing strategy based on fine-tuned data analytics.

Audionaut offers:

  • Speed. Our AI can sift through thousands of hours x100 faster than a person. That means more data, which means more insight, which means better campaigns.
  • Quality. Audionaut creates qualitatively better data-sets than many of our competitors, allowing us to harness much better analytics and insights.
  • Customization. Audionaut can be customized for your particular markets and target audiences. Create your own lead generation strategies, or trust our system to produce them for you!

So don’t wait, check us out today and book a demo!

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