The Future of Digital Advertising: The Changing Market Landscape


Right now the race for business is to create adaptive marketing strategies. So far, data analysis that utilizes optimized algorithms have been the go-to for online marketing and e-commerce.

But that optimization can only give an edge for so long: with the advertising sphere heavily saturated, many campaigns are statistical algorithms competing with another algorithm. For most consumer marketing, this has been the standard modus operandi. But even then, how often will you see a video or ad displayed on a page or video that feels irrelevant? What are the parameters these ad teams are focusing their algorithms on?

Nowadays companies focus heavily on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and consumer engagement, for good reason. The benefit of these types of systems are that they are text and simple framework based: with the internet originally built primarily from websites and text communication, the vast net is open to fast textual analysis with refined systems that can also ascribe a users habits to clicks and engagement, and link those to specific text or words. This has become the norm: so how does a marketing team get the edge over their competitors?

Like we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, audio and video are becoming more and more present over the digital ecosphere. Twenty years ago you could barely stream a five minute video at 720p, and now 1080p is the standard. Audio could only be streamed through satellite, radio, or low quality digital files. Now you can download or stream extremely high-quality music or podcasts to listen to anywhere. Needless to say, video, and along with it audio, have taken over the online consumer sphere. While many youtubers and podcasters look to create flashy text for video titles to convince their viewers to consume their content, knowing what’s inside that content is difficult— or extremely time consuming– to process.

Which brings us to our focus: There is a vast pool of data that hasn’t been fully realized yet because the technology of content production outpaced the ability to efficiently process it. Many of the current systems can analyze the text surrounding these videos/audio files, but they struggle to analyze the audio and video content itself. Oftentimes consumers express their opinions, ideas, or recommendations within their videos or podcasts, not the text associated with it. Many marketing teams still rely on old statistical behavior data for honing in on their market audiences. To capture the information contained within consumer content is the key here. But the amount of content out there is overwhelming.

Which is the big ‘why’ for us here at Audionaut. The marketing game is changing, and Audionaut has primed itself for it. We developed an AI system that can create a comprehensive data-base of audio-derived statistics spanning across multiple platforms, like Youtube and Tiktok. With our technology, ad teams and agencies have the ability to proficiently and efficiently “hear” what is said in these videos, effectively listening into consumer wants and trends that otherwise go unheard. Audionaut also provides cross-platform insights and more modern behavioral analysis, creating accurate readings on those targets. With these tools, marketing teams can refine their strategies, giving them that necessary edge over competitors.

Curious? If you’re interested in what we’re doing here at Audionaut, feel free to reach out.

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