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Audio tells you what your customers are thinking



Ingest data from social platforms

Audionaut offers an “Explore” page where users can add audio from the world’s biggest social networks. You have your choice of Youtube, Apple Podcasts, TikTok, and more.

Audio Sources


Youtube List

Never miss important content

Use the scheduling tool to ensure you are listening to the latest updates about your product, company, or brand.


Explore creates a data advantage for your company

Explore is a built-in data pipeline that lets you create a proprietary dataset for your company full of exclusive insights.

This dataset works with Audionaut’s AI to improve your return on advertising spend.


Most important influencers

Subscribe to the most important influencers

Our subscribe tool ensures that you never miss an important update from key influencers. Simply add the influencer to the subscribe channel and you will automatically pull in their latest audio.

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