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Our AI models answer your questions directly

Audionaut’s search functionality runs your questions through a model with billions of parameters. Then, the model replies with the most accurate answer. For example, you can ask “What scent of my product do consumers prefer?” and receive a list of potential answers with their targeting IDs.

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The World’s Most Advanced AI For Some of its Most Important Data

Ask everyday questions, receive extraordinary insights

We’ve put incredible insights at your fingertips through natural language queries.

Behaviors automate discovery on the knowledge graph

Behaviors search the knowledge graph to identify media that match your advertising criteria.

Add media to Target Groups

Use Search & Behaviors to identify media. Then, click the “Target” button to add media to a “Target Group” for ad placement.


Audionaut Behaviors

Behaviors: Query the Knowledge Graph

Each new audio is added to the Knowledge Graph. After it’s on the graph, it is ready to be analyzed by Behaviors queries. For example, you can create a behavior that detects every time your product is mentioned with a positive emotion. It will automatically return the ID of every media that mentions your product positively.

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